#0110 Orangutan Lambskin Soft Toy
Orangutan Lambskin Soft Toy
Soft toy from 100% Australian Lambskin in the shape and colors of an Orang-utan. Size: 30cm long (11.8 inches). Colors: reddish brown, pink suede, grey. Fur length 40mm (1 1/2 inches). Quality tested to meet all international standards including CE Brand, ASTM and marked suitable all ages.

The orangutans are two species of great apes known for their intelligence, long arms and reddish-brown hair. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia,  they are currently found only in rainforests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, though fossils have been found in Java, Vietnam and China. They are the only surviving species in the genus Pongo and the subfamily Ponginae (which also includes the extinct genera Gigantopithecus and Sivapithecus). Their name derives from the Malay and Indonesian phrase orang hutan, meaning "man of the forest". The Orangutan is an official state animal of Sabah in Malaysia.

The Sumatran species is critically endangered and the bornean species of orangutans is endangered according to the IUCN Red List of mammals, and both are listed on Appendix I of CITES. The total number of Bornean orangutans is estimated to be less than 14% of what it was in the recent past (from around 10,000 years ago until the middle of the twentieth century) and this sharp decline has occurred mostly over the past few decades due to human activities and development. Species distribution is now highly patchy throughout Borneo: it is apparently absent or uncommon in the south-east of the island, as well as in the forests between the Rejang River in central Sarawak and the Padas River in western Sabah (including the Sultanate of Brunei) A similar development have been observed for the Sumatran Orangutans.

The most recent estimate for the Sumatran Orangutan is around 7,300 individuals in the wildwhile the Bornean Orangutan population is estimated at between 45,000 and 69,000. These estimates were obtained between 2000 and 2003. Since recent trends are steeply down in most places due to logging and burning, it is forecasted that the current numbers are below these figures.



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